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Certified Copper Installation

  • Level III Testing
  • 710 and MX2 Series
  • AMP MA6 Pic-A-Bond

Certified Fiber Installation

  • Single Mode
  • OTDR Traces and Power Meter Readings
  • Fusion and Mechanical Optical Splicing
  • Capable of Shooting Traces for Short and Long Haul Applications


Construction Services

  • Trenching in Any Rock/Soil to any Depth
  • Boring in Dirt up to 14" Diameter & 700' in Length
  • Boring in Rock up to 12" in Diameter & 350' in Length
  • Excavation for Setting Hand Holes, Man Holes & Splice Peds
  • Dig Up and Repairs
  • Setting & Replacing Pedestals, SAI Boxes, Cabinets
  • Pipe & Duct Roding and Repair Any Size
  • Pulling Any Count Copper & Fiber
  • Cut & Restore Concrete & Asphalt Sidewalks, Driveways & Streets
  • Core Concrete
  • Drop Work
  • Pole Setting & Replacements
  • New Build To Include Strand & Any Count Copper & Fiber 
  • Delash & Relash Any Size Bundle
  • Anchor & Down Guy Setting & Replacements
  • Resag, Raise & Lower Spans
  • Wreck Out
  • Pole Transfers
  • Tree Trimming
  • Riser Work


Design Capabilities
ISP Infrastructure

OSP Construction

Product Certification

What People Are Saying

“My experience with Tero started with their outside plant division manager, Jaime Guerrero. It didn’t take long for them to gain my trust due to their integrity and professional business practices. Tero is an established firm that focuses on quality, and schedule. Their ability to adapt to schedule changes and scope of work stands out as one of the ways they partner up on a project. I appreciate their professional yet personal approach.”

Jeff Edwards
Cougar Communications