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Our Mission:
We exist to profitably support our clients with current technology solutions. The people we serve know us as their most reliable technology partner. We deliver straightforward value, quality products, and unsurpassing service.

Who We Are:
Since 1999, Tero Technologies has been helping companies grow by building a cabling infrastructure which provides a solid backbone for their changing technology needs. From start to finish, our team has a proven record of supporting our clients by managing the demands they face. We believe overlaying a professional installation with our core values of accountability and integrity is key to our success. Simply – we love what we do! Our clients can reach us 24/7, 365 days a year. Our teams are available to splice fiber on a moments notice or quickly respond to a cable plant that is down afterhours. Tero’s staff is comprised of a competent group of people. We continuously participate in ongoing training in leading edge technology. We have been very selective in choosing our team and in doing so we offer over 20 years of experience in our seasoned veterans. This has set us apart and allowed us to provide our clients with sound design and installations. Tero’s commitment to our clients is unsurpassed.