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Installation of Headend Optics and Testing

  • Forward optical transmitter setup – Tero technicians and test transmitters before node splits/segmentation work is done.
  • Return link optical setup and RF calibration – Tero technicians test the return light levels and RF signals from the node to the headend. Tero will calibrate each return link for proper RF output level at the return receiver.

Fiber Splicing and Testing

Tero technicians perform fiber optic fusion splicing (loose tube or ribbon) as part of splitting or segmenting a node. Following this work, Tero technicians conduct bi-directional OTDR (optical time domain reflector) and power testing to ensure splices are clean and meeting critical performance criteria.

Coaxial Splicing

Tero technicians perform coax splicing as part of splitting and segmenting a node.

Proof-of-Performance Testing

Tero technicians run a series of tests to measure how well the plant is running. Tests commonly include:

  • Aural Carrier Frequency Offset
  • Visual Carrier Level
  • 24-Hour Test
  • Aural Carrier Level
  • In-channel Response
  • Visual C/N
  • Coherent Disturbances
  • Terminal Isolation
  • Hum and Repetitive Transients

You can customize the test's run, add more tests or simply run a new single test.