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Return Path

Activate return path – Tero installs return kits and sweeps the return path so you can add two-way services such as cable modems, telephony, or video on demand (vod).

Expand return path bandwidth – for Legacy 5 to 32 MHz return paths, Tero replaces existing electronics in all of the amplifiers to upgrade the return (e.g. 5-to-42 MHz), increasing the return bandwidth to add more interactive services.

Bandwith Enhancements

Bandwidth enhancements are an economical way to increase bandwidth to offer more services such as HD, VOD, DOCSIS3, and Telephony. During this upgrade, Tero changes out only the RF active devices. The amplifier spacings stay the same, but Tero uses higher gain amplifiers to increase existing bandwidth. These upgrades can be done typically for 450 MHz systems and above.

Economical Upgrades

Tero evaluates the existing infrastructure and creates an upgrade plan that re-uses as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. Typically, economical upgrades consist of either splicing-in or module swapping active devices and doing plate changes on the passive devices. Also, some fiber cable placed to segment areas into smaller service areas. Module swapping is the least expensive solution. The objective is to improve bandwidth. Common upgrades include 330 to 550 MHz, 450 to 550 (or 625) MHz, or 550 to 750 MHz.

Standard or Full Upgrades

A standard or full upgrade is required when none of the existing electronics, passive or active, can be used and all the devices must be replaced and re-spliced. Typically, this type of upgrade also requires the addition of fiber optic cable and nodes. This type of upgrade is most commonly used for smaller, isolated service areas.


Effects of EMI on a Network


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What People Are Saying

“I have worked with Duke for many years and can trust him and his whole company. Simply stated – Tero gets it. They listen and they execute. Their consistent performance is what makes them our first choice.

Tero has extensive experience with power and data in a raised floor environment. They understand the savings in labor this solution provides – to the benefit of their customer.”

Mark Wittig
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