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System Sweep

Forward and reverse sweep. Tero offers customizable system sweep services using JDSU’s non-interfering sweep system. All documentation is presented in an easy-to-use electronic format.

Ingress Mitigation / Leagake Detection

Tero tests the outside plant for RF ingress and leakage. Typically, testing starts at the node and moves downstream toward the home. These problems are most commonly within a subscriber’s home where RF is uncontrolled. Tero uses specialized equipment which enables the technicians to trace any problems to a specific home.

Proof-of-Performance Testing

Tero technicians run a series of tests to measure how well the plant is running. Tests commonly include:

  • Aural Carrier Frequency Offset
  • Visual Carrier Level
  • 24-Hour Test
  • Aural Carrier Level
  • In-channel Response
  • Visual C/N
  • Coherent Disturbances
  • Terminal Isolation
  • Hum and Repetitive Transients

You can customize the test's run, add more tests or simply run a new single test.

FCC Proof-of-Performance Testing

Tero makes it easy and affordable to run bi-annual FCC Proof-of-Performance tests. Tero can run the tests, find the problems (if any exist), fix them and provide you with a log of the entire process. The FCC requires that all cable systems with 1000 or more subscribers conduct bi-annual (twice a year) Proof-of-Performance tests, with intervals not to exceed seven months. For details on Proof-of-Performance test requirements, refer to the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 47, Part 76. Click on the link below. Http://www.fcc.gov/mb/enginnering/601.html